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Alternative Landscape Gardeners

SNCG Ecoscapes is a worker's cooperative whose members believe that it is far better to work with nature to create beautiful and productive places, rather than wage war on pests and weeds. We are alternative landscape gardeners who adopt permaculture gardening principles to ensure sustainable garden design, offering both soft landscaping and hard landscaping services.

We can help you create spaces for food growing, timber production, wildlife observation and rainwater catchment, working with you to design and build your perfect place, and help you maintain it into the future.

In addition to our gardening services, we are experienced in traditional coppicing, woodland management and have worked with many North East schools on forest school activities.

SNCG Ecoscapes offer a range of training workshops on permaculture gardening principles, sustainable garden design, bee-keeping, jam making, wildlife gardening, woodland management, traditional coppicing, soft landscaping, hard landscaping and willow weaving.

SNCG Ecoscapes can supply a good selection of bee-friendly plants for you to add to your own gardens. Not to mention several varieties of food plants to help you grow your own fruit and vegetables.

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