SNCG Ecoscapes team photo in front of company vanA co-operative of experienced designers, horticulturists and educators, bringing organic beauty and sustainability to your green space.

SNCG Ecoscapes is a workers co-operative of professionals who know we can get more from our green spaces by working more closely and in greater harmony with nature.

Alternative Landscape Gardeners

Based in North East England, SNCG Ecoscapes offer a complete design and maintenance service, using sustainable ecological methods and permaculture gardening principles to create beautiful green spaces which support natural diversity and abundant life. Our aim is to restore nature to the heart of our gardens and to educate gardeners in conservation, biodiversity and sustainable garden design. If you're looking to make positive changes on your doorstep, we can assist you to achieve wonderful things.

As alternative lanscape gardeners, we know that healthy and biodiverse environments can be created from back yards and balconies to farm fields and schools. Whatever the scope of your project, we will help your space thrive and provide you with years of health, happiness and learning.

Our services include, sustainable garden design, landscape gardening, permaculture gardening, soft landscaping, hard landscaping, woodland management, traditioal coppicing, green woodworking, agroforestry research and forest school activities.

Good Design, Ethical Practise, Friendly Service

Kit surveying the landscapePreparing the outdoor classroom in forest school groundsHandmade ash gate with its creatorsStripping bark, shaving wood, carpentry inside workshop

Permaculture Gardening Principles

The Ecoscapes team are committed to a strong ethical framework, based on the teachings of Permaculture.

Our conscientious approach to design places you at the centre of a project that not only produces beautiful results, but also lasting support to our many important native species, which are often harmed by conventional horticultural methods.

Through close observation, detailed planning and innovative design we are helping many people and groups across the North East make their gardens better places to be.

Care of the Earth & Care of People

Landscaping, pruning and dividing in the community gardenGarden design and soft landscapingBuilding a greenhouse with school children from recycled plastic bottlesDry gravel garden with mediterranean style rockery

Sustainable Garden Design

Whether growing companion plants to tackle pests and disease, or planting trees to reduce flooding, we look to Nature's vast resources for the right answers. We will never introduce harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals to your land and we make appropriate use of fossil-fuelled machinery, preferring traditional tools and hand skills to achieve precision quality at minimal cost to our environment.

Whether your space is large or small, we are experienced in woodland management, traditional coppicing, hard landscaping and soft landscaping. We will deviver a sustainable garden design or woodland management solution for you using permaculture principles.

Natural Solutions to Natural Problems

Forest planting and woodland managementHard landscaping to slow errosion using on site coppiced woodFunctional keyhole garden design with tulips and wildflower bordered by gravel pathsReforesting and woodland management in Allendale

Food Growing and Self-sufficiency

Been promising yourself you'd have a go, but aren't sure where to start?

Languishing for too long on an North East allotment waiting list?

Have previous efforts come unstuck?

Our team are experienced fruit and vegetable growers and can show you how to bring your hard work from seed to table (and back again!), with no need for harmful toxins and with the bare minimum of waste or environmental impact. However grand or humble the size of your plot, Ecoscapes can help you with sustainable garden design at any stage of your self-sufficiency journey.

From Seed to Table & back again

Naturally raised beds for vegetables in a community gardenKit tending to the vegetables in the allotmentPlants propagating in the greenhousePlants rejuvinating in the greenhouse

Willow Sculpture and Green Woodworking

Our green woodworking team specialise in building living sculptures from willow and other natural, green woodworking materials. Whether you require a bird screen, hurdle fences and gates or something more unusual, we can use our locally grown materials to produce fantastic lasting results, large or small, at very fair prices. We work in partnership with Sylvan Skills to deliver a range of beautiful, green wood structures.

Locally coppiced willow and hazel

Preparing a willow structure for a primary schoolView from inside a mature, living willow tunnelPrepared structure for a woven willow domeWillow dugouts and living willow screen

Growing Willow

Thinking of growing your own willow? From late winter to spring we can plant your very own coppice to allow you to become self sufficient in this wonderfully versatile resource for many years to come.

Willow coppicing is particularly suitable for schools looking to reduce maintenance costs on existing willow structures. We enjoy successful projects with many North East primary schools carrying out forest school activities. Traditional coppicing is ideal for community groups interested in producing their own craft materials for basketry and sculpture.

Once planted, willow grows extremely quickly and is ready for harvest after 1-2 years. Propagation is very simple and your coppice can be expanded very economically.

Long Term, Sustainable Willow Source

Ground preparation for planting a willow coppiceCompleted planting stage of a willow coppiceTwo tone fence made from willowWillow coppice in first year of growth
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